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Critique Instructions

To keep us all focused on photography we have set up a set of on-line critiques.

This is the process:

  1. Prepare images (maximum of two per member, at the usual size of 1920px horizontaly or 1200px vertically) on the subjets as below.
  2. Send the images to Clive Handscombe who will put them on a dedicated web page on this site. Submit entries to "".
  3. Look for the images, assess and critique using our usual scoring system: marks /10 in categories of Impact / Creativity / Interpretation / Technique or an option of total marks  /40 and then send them to Phil. Please score by using the attached file below and return to Phil Chapman.
  4. Closing dates are 20th of the month for submission and upload to the web page to be seen by all, 30th of the month for submitting the critiques marking form, and then Phil will send out a resume of scores and critiques over the following seven days. A zoom meeting will then be held for all members to see and discuss the images. Details of how to access a zoom meeting are attached below.
  5. Subjects:            

         Jan 2022 - "Keep it simple"             

         Feb 2022 - "Wheels"            

         Mar 2022 - "Tools"            

         Apr 2022 - "Letters"                

         May 2022 - "Structures"

         June 2022 - "Hands"

         July 2022 -  "Fruit"

         Aug 202 - "Texture"

         Sep 2022 -  "In the Kitchen"

         Oct 2021 -  "The colour orange"

         Nov 2021 - "Evergreen"

         Dec 2021 - "Black & White"


Scoring 10 marks to each of these categories:

Impact - To what extent does it have the WOW factor.

Creativity - Is the image well thought-through and inventive.

Interpretation - The story, portrayal of feelings, the idea.

Technique - Composition, lighting, cropping, exposure and focus.